Montenegro’s Herceg Novi through my cheap camera lens

If Herceg Novi were a person, and not a small town located at the mouth of Montenegro’s famous fjord-like Bay of Kotor, it would be a person with multiple battle wounds – perhaps a missing limb or two, definitely with severe PTSD, and a lot of stories to tell. Over the last few centuries HercegContinue reading “Montenegro’s Herceg Novi through my cheap camera lens”

Uncomfortably lost in the wrong bit of Dubrovnik

Travel writers enthuse about ‘getting lost’ in romantic cities. Be frivolous, rip up your map, leave your smartphone at home, don’t even bother asking for directions, they say. Trust your inner explorer, because by following your instinctual compass you’ll discover INCREDIBLE things about the world, its’ people and most of all…yourself. Today I learned that’sContinue reading “Uncomfortably lost in the wrong bit of Dubrovnik”