Goodbye twenty-seven, I will never see you again

Each and every year, on the final day before my birthday, my internal monologue postpones business as usual and gets stuck in an infuriating loop of: ‘this is the last time I’m going to [insert activity] as an [insert age] year-old’. Today is my last day of being 27 and I just got back from theContinue reading “Goodbye twenty-seven, I will never see you again”

Some musings about being a tall woman

Tall is only good if you’re also really really thin, is the message I’m getting from pop culture. If you’re tall and skinny, you’re basically a goddess. I was tall and skinny once, when I was about twelve. That was around about the same time I got a haircut that resembled a mushroom. I wantedContinue reading “Some musings about being a tall woman”

Thinking of going from brown to blonde

A few days ago I wrote a blog about persecution, war and ISIS. Now I want to talk about hair dye. Not a smooth transition I know, but bear with me.  My hair is naturally very dark brown and I want to have blonde bits put in it.  The exact hairdressing term is ‘ombre’ (pronouncedContinue reading “Thinking of going from brown to blonde”