Hyperreality and the home

I’m standing on thick-pile carpet in front of a 3-seater Chesterfield sofa. A golden-framed hexagon-shaped mirror is mounted on the fashionably patterned wall behind it. The room and all of its trinkets and finishing touches is dominated by peacock greens and blues with metallic accents. There is a rich, decadent, almost exotic feel to theContinue reading “Hyperreality and the home”

Gatwick Express, Gatwick Express

Gatwick Express, Gatwick Express You’ve got plugs, free WiFi, Foreign announcements no less. Your windows are shiny and your carpets are clean Even the WC’s had a spritz of Mr. Sheen. I’ve been travelling for nine hours And I’m going mad. But I have to say that standard class ain’t bad. There’s just one smallContinue reading “Gatwick Express, Gatwick Express”

Sugar-free life tastes like freedom

I feel like I’ve had an epiphany. It’s like the time I figured out where we go when we die (our brains are just transmitters picking up signals from a remote life source, and our ‘selves’ aren’t really present in our bodies like we’ve always thought, but powered remotely from one single immense energy sourceContinue reading “Sugar-free life tastes like freedom”