Shattered Heart

I made this shattered heart thing on Adobe Illustrator and quite like it but have no use for it so I’ll put it here:


You know when you really like something but you’re not actually very good at it? That’s like me with design. When I was younger I’d spend hours messing around on Microsoft Paint making crazy abstract pictures with the spray can tool. I’m 24 now and my ‘inner graphic designer’ is still lounging in bed somewhere, refusing to get up.

It’s not like I’m still stuck with basic design programmes either. My work laptop has the full Adobe suite on it so I’ve got access to Illustrator, the grown-up, ready-to-go-to-work-and-earn-an-income version of Paint. You can do incredible things on Illustrator, like this image by illustrator Dave Thompson:

DT_SaltdeanBut for now I’ll have to make do with 2D hearts. My inner graphic designer is snoring quite loudly…

Published by Zoe

28 years old, trained journalist, professional writer and aspiring novelist. I'm based in the beautiful English town of Eastbourne, I have two guinea pigs who live in my spare room, and I love food. Not cooking it, just eating it. I also like beer and staring out to sea.

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