All the areas of life

Welcome to my blog, a virtual sick-bucket of whimsical, disordered, sporadic thoughts and whinges interspersed with moments of sanctimonious advice-dispensing. Human life is big and scary and complicated so it’s best if we reduce it down to as few categories as possible. The choice is yours…

Travel >

You’re choosing travel? Good for you. Don’t expect to be taken anywhere exotic. Travel is a state of mind, right? In a way all of life is one big hilarious adventure. Bills, tax, cold tea, January, Tesco. It’s all part of the journey.

Body >

People love bodies. Dead ones, fat ones, skinny ones, weird mangled ones. We’re obsessed with these funny gangly sacks of blood and gristle we drag around life with us. I like my body. In the wrong light it looks almost exactly like a deep-sea blobfish, but it takes me over hills and fields and forests and keeps me rooted to mortal life – so I can’t complain.

Mind >

People love bodies but they simply can’t get enough of minds. The weird thing is that they’re so much more complex that any of us can comprehend. They do stuff we have no control over. Our minds make us who we are. They determine our lives, our loves, our perception of reality. They present us with strange excited impulses like ‘jump off that cliff!’ or ‘grope that stranger!’ and we spend our entire lives trying to shut them up. Our minds are absolute maniacs and that’s why we love them.

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